Wall Tie Failure

Wall Tie Failure

The recent bad weather has affected a number of buildings across the country, with many areas being affected by flooding. But the weather has also resulted in other forms of structural damage, with the high winds having some disastrous effects on both lives and properties.
The upper wall area to these properties in Ashton under Lyne Manchester, collapsed due to effects of wind suction, as a result of corroded wall ties. It is also interesting to note that the properties had retro fit cavity wall insulation installed, there are varying trains of thought, relating to this system, with some speculation that, the reduction in ventilation within the wall cavity accelerates the corrosion of the wall ties, within the wall cavity.

Corroding wall ties

The photograph to the right shows the remaining evidence of the corroding wall ties which remain within the inner elevation which was left standing.

There are many issues which can affect the condition of the wall ties within your property, these being the type of wall tie, original mortar type, and the condition of the external pointing and rainwater system.

Original Wall Tie
Remedial Wall Tie

Remedial wall ties

Remedial wall ties have their limitations. As can be seen from the photograph on the left, where one property which was located within the center has had remedial wall ties installed, but the neighbouring property hasn’t, this has resulted in the collapse of the treated wall due to the weight of the wall area which collapsed. Not the remedial wall ties are still in place within the inner elevation.

What are the signs of possible wall tie failure are the wall ties within your property in a good condition?

It is a requirement of most insurance companies that you keep your property in a good state, of repair or your insurance may be found to be invalid, when you come to make a claim. Have you got the funds to pay for the rebuilding costs?

Stepped Cracking

Stepped Cracking

Look at the property within the photograph to the left, not the cracking to the horizontal mortar beds.

Also note the stepped cracking to the area between the first and ground floor windows. These are visual evidence of extensive wall tie failure, this is due to the corrosion of the installed wall ties, within the mortar beds, applying pressure to the brickwork as a result of the corrosion, steel expands approximately 10% of its volume when it corrodes.

Over pointed the cracking

The photograph to the right is a close up view of the upper wall area of the property above. Where a contractor has in the past simply over pointed the cracking, without understanding or asking why it has occurred, is your contractor qualified?

Olympic Construction are specialist wall tie and structural remediation contractors, our surveyors are fully qualified to undertake a site inspection, and where required provide a full written specification for the remedial works required.

Our installation technicians are fully trained to undertake the works required, not many company’s provide training in this area, simply operating on a wing and a pray.

When works are completed we are able to provide you with a fully independent insurance backed guarantee from Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd (GPI)

Can your contractor provide you with this second to none insurance protection?

Original Wall Tie

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Olympic Construction are full members of the PCA which require that members participate in a CPD scheme so giving you peace of mind and not just paying an annual membership, to gain a meaningless badge, after all your home is most likely the most expensive thing you will ever buy. www.property-care.org

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