Is it time to Abolish the house of lords?

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There are a number petitions Abolish the house of lords as they are out of touch with the people of the UK. ·        Is this is an outdated system as this is a democratic country, they are not elected, just privileged, mostly rich people who are out of touch with the people of the UK, yet they are still in a …

CIGA registered insulation companies

CIGA registered insulation companies lacking basic knowledge resulting in damaged and unhealthy properties.

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Incorrectly installed loft insulation by a CIGA approved company obstructing the installed soffit ventilation, resulting in insulation becoming saturated causing and mould forming to the ceiling areas of the property, there were no issues affecting the property before the insulation was installed Ensuring the ventilation is maintained within the loft is basic knowledge, this simply shows the lack of knowledge, …


Olympic Construction Ltd

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CIGA appear to have a new CEO

CIGA appear to have a new CEO Nigel Donohue

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CIGA appear to have a new CEO Nigel Donohue, but nothing appears to have changed yet, still creating problems for customers with damp homes, with poor customer service, still fobbing customers off and pointing them to the aberration system, CIGA ‘Consumer champion’ Teresa Perchard as not even bothered to reply to customers emails, what is the point of her roll …

The short falls with CIGA

The short falls with CIGA

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It is obviously becoming more apparent with the push to install insulation within properties of the UK to supposedly save the world. That there are going into be more problems relating to dampness and fungal decay relating to it, affecting these properties. On dealing with a number of these matters it is obvious CIGA are completely unqualified to adjudicate the …